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Picturesque scenery

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Places to go by rental car

Shinkansen is convenient for traveling around cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. The urban area is covered by the most punctual trains in the world. However, in Japan rural areas, there are fewer trains and there is no way to go beyond the station, so driving by car rental is the best way to freely enjoy the Japanese countryside. Among the roads in Japan, the roads in the Japanese countryside are wider and there are fewer cars, making them easy to drive even if you are driving in Japan for the first time.
All rental cars we offer include car audio (Carplay/AndroidAuto ready), highway tolls, and winter tires.

Drive to Japan Countryside

We provide the activity gear and information for you.

Each travel plan includes exciting activities, and you don't need to prepare the main gear for those activities. For instance, if you choose a camp activity, the tent, bedding, and cooking utensils are already provided.
We provide not only items but also information, such as how to set up a tent for camp and recipes for Japan rural cuisine. For hiking, meaning of the Japanese information board. When visiting a shrine, consider etiquette and its cultural background. This way, you can enjoy the activities more easily.

Drive to Japan Countryside

A rare Japanese experience that traveler doesn't know yet

Don‘t you get tired of traveling Japanese urban area with too many people? The Japanese countryside on weekdays is less crowded and relaxing.
Nagano and Yamanashi prefectures are easily accessible in a few hours. Yamanashi is the prefecture next to Tokyo, and Nagano is the prefecture next to Yamanashi.

Drive to Japan Countryside

About 'SATO-IRO'

You can meet life-changing scenery in Japanese countryside.

Would you like to travel a distinct side of Japan by rental car? For those interested in Japanese culture, traditions, and nature, a Japanese countryside travel is highly recommended. In Japanese countryside, you can discover unique histories and a distinct charm that sets it apart from urban area. From traditional crafts, Japanese rural cuisine, picturesque streets, nature, sake brewing, farming, local historical explorations, community interactions, to various activities, you will surely have an experience that you have never encountered before in your life. Would you like to find tips to enrich your life through this Japanese countryside travel?

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in Japanese Countryside

  • Drive in the forest | Drive to Japan Countryside

    Drive in the forest

  • Trekking preparation | Drive to Japan Countryside

    Trekking preparation

  • Auto Camping | Drive to Japan Countryside

    Auto Camping

  • Highway Driving | Drive to Japan Countryside

    Highway Driving

  • Yatsugatake from Mt. Meshimori | Drive to Japan Countryside

    Yatsugatake from Mt. Meshimori

  • Mt. Fuji from Hokuto city | Drive to Japan Countryside

    Mt. Fuji from Hokuto city

  • Japanese performing arts  | Drive to Japan Countryside

    Japanese performing arts

  • Yamanashi Misogi Shrine | Drive to Japan Countryside

    Yamanashi Misogi Shrine

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